Why You Should Try Magic Mushroom Today

Why You Should Try Magic Mushroom Today

If you are someone that has never used magic mushrooms before, this article is for you. We have researched and identified eleven reasons why you should try out magic mushrooms today. These reasons are as follows;

Magic Mushrooms are as natural as they come

This is the first reason why you should try magic mushrooms out. The fungi contain no chemical or artificial ingredients. Natural health remedies are gaining traction these days because of the discovery that pharmaceuticals contain chemicals that causes adverse side effects in people. Sometimes, these side effects turn out to be more severe than the initial conditions you were trying to treat with the pharmaceutical drugs; hence the renewed focus on contemporary health remedies

Thus, with renewed attention on natural health remedies, magic mushrooms become a viable option. Mushrooms are not manufactured or altered in any way. They grow from the ground and contain any artificial ingredient that changes the way it looks or smells.

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Mushrooms are Safe

Through the Controlled Substances Act of 1970, the US government designated magic mushrooms as a Schedule 1 drug. This means it is illegal to use and hold, in the same categories as drugs such as heroin and LSD, though the punishment for using mushrooms is different from that of heroin and LSD. However, this designation was relaxed in 2001.

With the relaxation, there is no restriction on the growing and processing of magic mushrooms, although it is still a schedule 1 drug. Regardless, magic mushrooms can be taken without any worry for harmful side effects. They don’t increase your blood pressure as other recreational drugs do.

They Boost Creativity

Medical studies have shown that magic mushrooms can help people come up with new ideas. This is because magic mushrooms help induce a psychedelic experience that helps people with introspection and an intense creativity exploration. During the psychedelic trip, your brain will be able to come up with new ideas or solutions to existing problems that you have been struggling with for a long time.

Magic Mushrooms Helps with Depression

With every passing day, there are discoveries about the medicinal benefits of magic mushrooms. More studies into the effects of magic mushrooms have shown that they offer an effective treatment process to people suffering from anxiety and depression and act as a safe alternative to conventional medical remedies.

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While the mushrooms do not cure these mental issues, they provide patients with a sense of calmness and improve their mood in a way that the conventional treatment options cannot. It is also important to mention that not everybody finds relief in magic mushrooms when they are depressed or anxious, thus you may want to consult your healthcare professional before using the mushrooms.

Magic Mushrooms Help with Addiction

There is evidence that shows that people battling smoking or alcohol addiction can get help through the use of magic mushrooms. This research showed that magic mushroom affects your brain in a way that makes addiction cycles easier to break with less pain and discomfort. In the research, however, magic mushrooms were used in conjunction with conventional medical practice.

Due to the actions of magic mushrooms in helping with addiction, these mushrooms can also help avoid relapses and other effects of cold turkey withdrawal from alcohol, smoking, or any other substance the patient is addicted to.

Available for Purchase in Canada

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Mushrooms have Spiritual Effects

Magic mushrooms are not only about medicinal benefits. They are also spiritual. If you are looking to explore your spirituality and need a substance that keeps you grounded on a spiritual path that you are on already, the magic mushroom is your best bet. They have been used by many ancient tribes and societies for this purpose and many spiritual societies today are continuing with the tradition.  

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While magic mushrooms may not lead you to God or make you more spiritual, it makes you slow down a bit and allows you to enjoy life in the real sense of the word.

Provides a Fresh View of Life

Magic mushrooms induce what is known as a psychedelic trip which helps you introspect and see the world in an entirely new light. This effect is especially essential for people who have just suffered from trauma and are down emotionally. People who are grieving, or struggling with loss may find it a bit difficult to find joy and happiness in happenings around them. Magic mushrooms give hope and motivation by helping this set of people see the world in a different light. The psychedelic trip induced helps you understand that while your heart might be broken at the moment, everything will be okay and you will overcome the current tribulation.  

Helps People Appreciate Nature

In a statement released by Psychedelic Press UK, many people’s appreciation for Mother Nature increased after consuming the hallucinogenic drug. If you are looking to become more in tune with nature or environmentally friendly and you are finding it difficult, some magic mushrooms will help you in this regard.

Helps With Personal Growth

With all the effects of a psychedelic trip mentioned above, it is safe to say that a person’s view about life gets to change with time, and soon, the person becomes a new or better person with refined experiences.

Magic Mushrooms Works for Meditation

According to a report from Johns Hopkins, meditation becomes very difficult when you are stressed out from work or personal issues. This is where magic mushrooms come in. the relaxation and calm provided by magic mushrooms make mediation easier. If you are looking to meditate but you can concentrate or get it right, you can employ some magic mushrooms to clear your head.


These reasons are some of the numerous reasons why you should try out magic mushrooms today. You can get your quality magic mushroom from Shroomswholesale. Our collection of high-quality mushrooms is available at affordable prices. What’s more, you get a 25% discount on your total purchases if you use the promo code 25BLOWOUT. There is also a promotion ongoing for first-time buyers who buy bulk magic mushrooms where they get a 15% discount on their purchases. 

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