The top three strains of psilocybin mushrooms that you should try

Despite having spent some time using magic mushrooms, it still surprises some shroom users that there is more than one kind of shrooms that contain psilocybin. Like cannabis, shrooms come in varieties as well. This also means that they will be different from each other in so many ways like color, size, or effects. The psychedelic trips that occur from shroom trips may be stronger as a result of using one kind of strain than others. A strain may be capable of inspiring some emotions or strong illusions or hallucinations. The focus of this article is to provide insight into the top three strains of magic mushrooms that are available. It promises to be the guide that you need.

There is more than one genus in the mushroom family. The most notable is the psilocybe. This genus of shrooms contains psilocybin and is available in several parts of the world. Though some are more peculiar to certain regions due to their affinity for the environment. Psilocybe cubensis is the most popular and the three strains of magic mushrooms come from this group. They are the golden teachers, pens envy, and albino goldies.

type of mushroom1. The golden teachers
It is a widely recognized strain thought to have been discovered in the wilderness in Florida back in the 80s. They are distinguished by their golden yellow caps and have a sort of brightly colored or orange color spreading from the edges to the center of the cap. Its stalks are long with white and orange colors and orange or yellow dots.

They have been rightly named because of this characteristic coloration and it may take trained personnel to identify it. Its cap is quite wide. It has slow growth and it may take time to mature. It takes a long period to generate more psilocybin than other strains.

It provides clarity that enables the users that use it. Its effects set in within 10-30 minutes and may still subsist beyond 6 hours.  The recommended dose of magic mushrooms is just about 2 grams. 

2. Penis Envy Cubensis
This type of mushroom is relatively easy to identify physically. It has a bulbous orange cap attached to a long stem. It derives its name from a degree of resemblance to the male reproductive organ. It is also a member of the cubensis species that has evolved over the years due to mutation. It has been discussed that it was derived by mycologist Steven Pollock by continuous breeding of the recessive genes of a certain Amazonian cubensis.

It has a unique appearance with a dark coloration towards the center but brighter along the edges. It possesses much thicker stalks compared to the Golden Teachers.

It doesn’t grow as fast as the golden teacher neither does it mature early enough unlike other strains. Thus, this has been discerned as the possible reason for its relatively higher psilocybin content. A little dosage is required to kickstart its effects. It has been touted to be 2 to 3 times more powerful than other strains of shrooms. Consuming about a gram is more than enough to start an intense trip. It elevates the user’s mood in about thirty minutes from when it was first used. It can lead to the distortion of consciousness and severe hallucinations. Taking doses more than a gram can lead to synesthesia (this is defined as the ability to hear color and/or taste sounds). The duration of the induced trip also depends heavily on the amount of psilocybin consumed. As far as we know, it could take up to six hours before it expires. Penis envy can be bought in large quantities at our shrooms online store.

3. Albino Goldies:
This is a product of the cross-breeding of the golden teacher shrooms and the albino A+. A hybrid magical combo that contains a perfect blend of the key features of both parents. It has a sort of spindle shape that is similar to that of the Albino A+ with the colorful appearance of the golden teacher mushrooms. It is also an important member of the cubensis family we discussed earlier. It benefits strongly from the positive traits of its parents. It boasts the additional effects of the Albino A+ which is observed for its effects on the body rather than the mind in perfect synergy with the effects of the golden teacher that is a rather intense hallucination in higher doses. The golden teacher traits enable utmost clarity of the mind and its effects may start barely ten minutes after use. It may however last up to six hours.

In discovering shrooms, there are very few options available for users to consider in obtaining these shrooms. It is possible that you can grow your shrooms but it is an incredibly difficult task to carry out on your own especially if you lack the experience. There is a high chance of you cultivating poisonous shrooms instead. This often leads to sickness rather than a trip. 

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