Surprising Benefits of Cannabis

Surprising Benefits of Cannabis

One of the latest news from the field of mental health is that professionals are conducting research and studies into the use of psilocybin present in magic mushrooms to treat mental health issues such as depression, anxiety, stress, OCD, and PTSD. Some of the results from the research show that there is a serious potential for psilocybin to effectively treat the aforementioned mental health issues.

These studies were carried out with people who have used and taken average doses of psychedelics such as LSD and magic mushrooms. There is also ongoing research into the effect of microdosing and the effects it has on people who do it. The results of these studies are also positive.

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For people who are unfamiliar with the term, microdosing refers to the act of taking a smaller dose of psilocybin to avoid the hallucinogenic effects of taking a large dose, while also enjoying the health benefits it provides. Thus, rather than experiencing psychoactive effects, microdosing results in introspection, productivity, creativity, and clear-mindedness.

However, with the ban on magic mushrooms and other psychedelics in many parts of the world, it means that many law-abiding citizens cannot access these substances and enjoy the health benefits associated with them, except they are part of a medical study group researching the effects of these substances.  

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Thus, the only way you can access these psychedelics is to reside in a country or state where the use of magic mushrooms or cannabis is legal, either for recreational use or medical use. In this case, if you want to use any of the substances to treat any of the mental health issues mentioned above and there are no psilocybin depression treatment centers around, you can check into your local dispensary as long as cannabis and other psilocybin are illegal in your state.

One question that many people familiar with the microdosing process seek to answer is if microdosing on cannabis is possible, and if yes, how do they go about it. The simple answer is yes; the same way you can microdose on LSD and magic mushroom.

How Does Microdosing Work with Cannabis?

We have mentioned that microdosing refers to the use of a lesser quantity of a substance so that you can enjoy certain benefits while avoiding the side effects that would normally show up if you used the normal dosage. Thus with cannabis, microdosing means that you take a quantity that will only allow the THC to work on your body and mind without getting you stoned.

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Microdosing on cannabis depends on how you take the cannabis. If you smoke, it means you will have to smoke less than you normally would. If you take your cannabis as an edible, it means you have to eat less than you do normally. As an example, if you take a whole joint of cannabis normally, on days that you feel like microdosing, you will take about a quarter of the joint.

The Ideal Amount of Cannabis You Should Take

This is the main factor behind knowing how much cannabis you should microdose on. If you are a new user, microdosing will be a bit easier on you than if you are a regular user of the plant. For a regular user of cannabis, microdosing starts by cutting down heavily on the amount that you use. This will help your body’s tolerance to cannabis go down drastically.

Tolerance is defined as the amount of a substance that you need to take to feel its effects as it would normally affect people. Regular users of a substance generally have higher tolerances therefore, if you are smoking cannabis for the first time, you need not worry about tolerance. However, if you have been a regular user for years, you may have to consider the tolerance.

So for regular users, start with a quarter of what you would normally take. If you feel no effect, take a bit more. However, if you have to take more quantities, you need to exercise caution not to get stoned. The purpose is to find out the quantity you need to take to start feeling the effect of the plant.

For new users, start microdosing by taking a small amount of the plant to check how it affects you. Judging from the effects, you will decide whether to increase the dosage. Ensure that you don’t take too much especially if you don’t want to experience any high.

Effects of Microdosing on Cannabis

When you microdose on cannabis, you can expect to experience some of the best effects of cannabis without impeding your judgment and productivity. The following are some of the effects you can expect from microdosing on cannabis;

Quick and Lasting Relief from Pain

If you are suffering from chronic pain or traumatic injuries, medicinal cannabis helps you in this regard. Medicinal cannabis is one of the most potent ways of dealing with chronic pain. This effect is due to the presence of CBD and THC (cannabinoids) present in the plant. Thus, if you are looking to get relief from pain without getting high, you can microdose on cannabis at low doses.

Treating Depression and Anxiety

Cannabis helps you feel relaxed and clear-headed and this means it is helpful in the treatment of mental health issues such as anxiety and depression.

Relaxed and Chilled Out Felling

Because of its ability to relax the human body after use, you might feel calm and collected after your dose of cannabis. It doesn’t have to be a large dose, even a small dose helps you relax.

Helps with Sleeplessness

Cannabis is also known as a popular remedy for insomnia and general sleeplessness, as it helps the body relax and fall into sleep easily.

Wide range of Variety and Options

With the wide range of options available when it comes to cannabis products, everybody gets something that works for them when it comes to cannabis. You can decide to smoke or ingest your cannabis, you can smoke using vapes or paper, and there are Sativa, Indica, or hybrid strains for people to choose from.


The study of microdosing psychedelics is very helpful research that has shown that people dealing with mental health issues can seek help and treatment outside of the conventional medical practice. Cannabis is one of the psychedelics that helps in this regard. To get quality cannabis, you can check out Shroomswholesale. Our collection of high-quality cannabis is available at affordable prices. What’s more, you get a 25% discount on your total purchases if you use the promo code 25BLOWOUT.

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