Cooking With Magic Mushrooms

Does Cooking Affect the Potency of Magic Mushrooms?

One of the activities that help people bond with friends and family is cooking and eating together. Now, when you plan such an activity around magic mushrooms, it makes it even better as the atmosphere becomes more relaxed and people get to enjoy each other’s company even better. However, there are lots of people who believe that cooking magic mushrooms affects their potency.  Some of the questions around this topic have been to determine if high temperatures result in the loss of potency or the degradation of the active ingredient in magic mushrooms, psilocybin.

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While this debate has raged on over the years, the consensus of experts has been that basing the loss of potency during cooking on heat alone is inconclusive as other factors could be at play. More specifically, the rate at which psilocybin affects you (its potency) depends on the age of the mushroom, the level of hydration in your body, the amount of sleep you have had, and other substances that you have taken and whether or not you have eaten. In the end, the fact is that potency and the factors that affect it are subjective.

Combining Food Items and Ingredients

Another topic that doesn’t have a definite answer is what type of food combinations affect the potency of the mushroom. For the most part, foods with bolder and stronger flavors are used to hide the flavor of the mushroom. Cuisines made around magic mushrooms are new and evolving, therefore the use of stronger flavors to mask the flavor of the mushroom is important as shrooms can have a nasty smell or flavor sometimes.

When you rehydrate the mushrooms, it increases their volume and also makes them softer for the recipe. However, it doesn’t add to the potency, despite being a great way to cook the mushrooms. if the mushrooms are getting mixed with liquid food, soup, or stew, the psilocybin spreads throughout the food. The amount of psychoactive elements that gets drawn into the liquid food depends on how hot it is. The hotter the water, the more the psilocybin that gets drawn into the food.

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If you are adding mushrooms to vegetable stock, after making the stock, remove the heat, pour the mushrooms into the stock and let them sit for a while, about 15 minutes, then you are set. All you have to do is ensure that the mushrooms you are adding are the right dose, so you don’t make food that affects you more than it should.  

Good Food Items or Ingredients that You can Use with Magic Mushrooms


The combination of chocolate and mushrooms is probably the oldest mushroom combination in history. It started back with the Aztecs who combines cacao and mushrooms for ceremonial purposes. The belief was that cacao increases the psychedelic effects of the mushrooms. Using shrooms with chocolate recipes is also another way to start your microdose.


Many people who believe that heat affects the potency of the shrooms may not like this option. But it creates an avenue to infuse mushrooms into many food items. You can also opt for the use of dried mushrooms with biscuits, quiche, brownies, and cookies. If you are worried about the prolonged heat in baking, you can use coconut oil, or cacao to reduce the baking time.

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If you are looking to add mushrooms to your main course, risotto gives you the best and most tasty option. And because risotto is made with rice, you can use either the fresh or rehydrated mushrooms for this food. For the best flavor, ensure that other ingredients are not psychoactive items or ingredients.


Another way to mask or avoid the nasty flavor of magic mushrooms is by adding them to drinks. Tea is the first and best choice. With your favorite tea flavor, you can enjoy your cup of magic mushroom. You can even use additives such as citrus or honey also helps with the taste. Finally, you can ground mushrooms and add them to juices, milkshakes, and smoothies.


Adding dried shrooms to pizza is a way to infuse magic mushrooms into your meal. The flavor of the pizza is usually strong enough to overpower that of the shrooms, thus you need not worry about the flavor of the mushroom ruining that of the pizza.


Using mushrooms with salad is also another way of incorporating psychedelics into your meals. It is advisable to use bold flavors such as radishes bell peppers and the like. You can also add your favorite dressing to the salad.

Lemon Trek

If a fast approach that ensures an intense effect is what you want, then you should consider mixing mushrooms in powdered form with lemon. The process involves putting powdered mushrooms into the lemon juice and letting it soak for some minutes. After about 30 minutes, knock back the glass of lemon juice with the mushroom dose. The lemon juice extracts psilocybin faster and makes it more available in the drink.

Using the Right Amount of Mushroom

Everyone that cooks understands the temptation to add more ingredients to a dish, and with magic mushrooms, this temptation still stands. This is why this note of caution is important. This is the situation where less is more.

More specifically, you need to understand your tolerance level to psilocybin, the type of mushroom you are using, and your reason for adding mushrooms to your food (whether to microdose on going on a psychedelic trip). Considering these factors and answering any questions surrounding them helps you identify the ideal amount of mushrooms you need to add to the food.

Remember that dried mushroom is more potent than rehydrated or fresh mushroom, so you should be careful not to use too much when using the dried mushroom. In case, you are in doubt, start with a small amount.


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