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Set and Setting for Psychedelic Trip

Setting Shroom Trip

Timothy Leary was the first to use the words Set and Settings concerning the use of psychedelics. He used these words to describe the mindset and the surroundings and how they influence the effect that psilocybin has on the human body and mind. When you use a psychedelic, your mindset and environment play a pivotal […]

What Are Psychedelics

Psychedelics products are substances that produce drastic noticeable changes in the body. They are also known as serotonergic products or hallucinogenic products. They are a class of psychoactive drugs that induce obvious and drastic change in our consciousness and perception which ultimately affects our vision and auditory activities. They induce changes in our mood and […]

The Key To Buying Bulk Magic Mushrooms

Buying your bulk magic shrooms has never been easier than it is right now. There is such a wide array of magic mushroom dispensaries, that the problem is no longer where to buy your shrooms, but it’s now which dispensary to buy from. And with the number of magic mushroom websites growing every day, it […]